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Lacroix HyperDrive Standard Bearings

Lacroix HyperDrive Standard Bearings

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Includes: (everything you need to replace your wheel & pulley bearings)
Lacroix Prototipo (DSS60/DSS50+), Lacroix Jaws, Lacroix Nazaré, Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar, Lacroix Nazaré Supersport, and Lacroix Lonestar Supersport:
- Ten standard wheel bearings (Size: 6001-2RS)
- Two standard pulley bearings (Size: 6002-2RS)

Lacroix Barrel:
- Ten standard wheel bearings (Size: 6001-2RS)
- Two standard pulley bearings (Size: 6003-2RS)

After testing numerous different types of metal bearings, we finally found a bearing that is not only affordable but also extremely durable. Our Standard Lacroix Bearings feature high quality chromium steel balls, a removable rubber shield that provides ease of access for cleaning as well as water resistance, and come pre-lubricated with Hyperdrive Bearing Lubricant.

Ride the best. Ride HyperDrive.