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HyperDrive E-Skate Bearing Lubricant

HyperDrive E-Skate Bearing Lubricant

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The only bearing lube designed specifically for electric skateboards and last-mile electric vehicles!

HyperDrive E-Skate Bearing lubricant is a high performance, high speed bearing oil that will keep your bearings rolling smoothly for miles and miles! After logging thousands of miles on Electric skateboards we found normal skateboard bearing oil wasn't up to the task of 20+mph skateboarding for hours on end. 

Our oil offers increased resistance to heat, has excellent anti-rust properties and is completely safe to use on electric motors

Made in the USA to our specifications, If you want the best bearing lube on the market look no further!

Bottle size is 1/2 oz

Works great as a bicycle chain lube also!