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Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit
Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit

Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit

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Compatibility: Exway Wave, Exway Flex, Exway Atlas, and Exway X1 Max.

Looking for the ultimate wheel upgrade for your Exway? Look no further, you've come to the right place! This kit includes everything you would need, and saves you money compared to if you were to buy the accessories individually.

If you have the Exway Atlas 4-Wheel Drive configuration, please send us a message on our live chat or via email at and we can make a custom wheel kit for you!

Our Exway HyperDrive 90mm Wheel Kit includes the following items:
 - One set of HyperDrive 90mm wheels. Your choice of black or white.
 - One set of HyperDrive aluminum pulleys with pre-installed bearings. Your choice of desired pulley size and color.
 - One set of wheel bearings. Your choice of standard or ceramic bearings.
 - One set of belts. Your choice of standard or lifetime belts.
 - One set of motor covers. NOTE: Motor covers will ship separately in approximately 4 weeks.

Which Pulley Size Is Right For Me?
 - 36T Pulleys (Recommended): HyperDrive 90mm wheels + 36T Pulleys will result in stock top speed, acceleration, and braking power.
 - 44T Pulleys: Compared to a stock Exway Board, HyperDrive 90mm wheels + 44T Pulleys will give you a decrease in top speed by 2-3mph. Approximate 10% gain of acceleration and braking power. Recommended for hilly areas or XL sized riders. 

Which Bearings Are Right For Me?
 - Standard Bearings: Made for the casual rider. Our standard bearings are built to be durable, water resistant, and affordable for the everyday rider.
 - Ceramic Bearings: Our ceramic bearings allow you to roll further, coast longer, and in some cases give you a little boost in range. Ceramic bearings weigh less than a metal bearing, thus creating less rolling resistance. They also will not rust, thus signficantly increasing the durability and longevity of your board's bearings!

Which Belts Are Right For Me?
- Standard Belts: Our belts are made with a combination of a neoprene body and kevlar reinforcement, providing the highest level of strength, durability, and longevity possible. The standard belt option will include two belts.
- Lifetime Belts: The best of the best. Our lifetime belts are made with the same material listed above, and you will get 3 belts that are covered with a lifetime warranty. If a belt breaks, we will replace it for free. Guaranteed for life!

More information about our pulleys:
On the right side of the picture shown below, 3 different wheel cores are displayed. On the top is the ABEC wheel core, in the middle is the kegel wheel core, and on the bottom is the ABEC clone (cloud wheel) wheel core. As stated above, our pulley will work with all three of these different wheel cores!

Ride the best. Ride HyperDrive.