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Boosted HyperDrive Universal 56 Tooth Billet Aluminum Pulleys

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Our Hyperdrive Universal 56T Pulleys will maintain the stock gear ratio of Boosted Boards. They are compatible with ALL wheels except cloud wheels!

This kit comes with the following: Two 56-tooth pulleys with bearings installed.

Compatibility: Boosted Board v2, v2 Dual +, v3 Plus, Stealth, Mini S, and Mini X. 

What does "Universal" mean? With our Universal Pulleys, you can use them with ANY electric skateboard wheel except for cloud wheels. This means you can use them with the Kegel AND the ABEC cored wheels interchangeably! No more having to change pulleys to change wheel types!

Pair with your favorite wheels for a nearly indestructible drive train!

These pulleys have been designed to drastically reduce weight compared to our version 1 pulleys, and feature an anodized finish to greatly improve durability!

Ride the best. Ride HyperDrive.

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