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Boosted Board Extended Range aka XR battery repair ** RLOD FIX **

Boosted Board Extended Range aka XR battery repair ** RLOD FIX **

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We are now offering battery repair services! 

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Is your battery no longer working and flashing a series of lights at you? 


Boosted Board Extended Range batteries have an unfortunate issue where if battery cells become imbalanced they will lock the user out permanently rendering the battery no longer usable. This condition is know as the Red Light of Death or RLOD as the battery flashes a red light when the error has occurred. 

The battery will not allow the user to attempt to recharge or use the battery regardless of battery condition once the error is stored in the battery memory. 

Our fix uses the Amnesia Chip to reset the error code and allow the user to revive their battery! 

For detailed information on how to properly use the Mod chip please go to to the following webpage

Once order has been placed please follow the below instructions-


Place a strip of masking tape on the batter with your name and order number

Package the battery in a VERY WELL PADDED box. WE will not be held responsible for damaged batteries during shipping!

Insure the battery for full replacement value!

Include a print out of order confirmation email in package OR write us a note with your order number name and shipping address

Please make sure to include a note detailing all the issues you are having with the battery! RLOD, charge port not working etc

Ship battery to-


ATTN: Battery Repairs

PO BOX 3125 

San luis Obispo Ca



as of 12-6-20  turn around time is 1 week