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**PRESALE** HyperDrive 77a 90mm Wheels **PRESALE**
**PRESALE** HyperDrive 77a 90mm Wheels **PRESALE**

**PRESALE** HyperDrive 77a 90mm Wheels **PRESALE**

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Fresh out of the Molds and up for PRESALE!!!!!

*** Shipping 1st week of August***

We've been hard at work designing a wheel that deserves to wear the HyperDrive badge! 

Designed, Tested and made in California

Our 90mm HyperDrive wheels bolt right onto your stock boosted board to give you a smoother ride and some extra top speed!

Our special 77a 'thane is a perfect balance of comfort, grip and durability.

These wheels do not require any modification to your board! Just Bolt on and ride!

Pair with our HyperDrive Ceramic Bearings and HyperDrive Kevlar Belts for the ultimate drivetrain!

Wheel specs- 

90mm diameter

52mm width

77a durometer

Center set core

Choose Between Black or White

****** Photos are of wheels are fresh out of the molds that do not have graphics applied. Wheels will ship with HyperDrive logo printed on the side******

V2/V2+   + 2.5mph

V3 Plus, MiniS/X  +2.5mph

V3 Stealth   + 1.5mph