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RipTide Bushing and Pivot Cup kit
RipTide Bushing and Pivot Cup kit

RipTide Bushing and Pivot Cup kit

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eBboardStuff’s Boosted Bushing Kit by RipTide Sports Inc.

eBoard performance is very personal so we have come up with a kit that will allow you, the Boosted rider, to define what performance is for you. It may be really tight turns at slow speeds because you commute to class or work and the path is strewn with 90-degree sidewalk turns, or there are hundreds of pedestrians or other obstacles you need to slalom through to safely reach your destination. Performance to you may also be wide open, empty country roads or paths where stability as well as maneuverability is desired. Our kit is designed to accommodate these extremes as well as virtually everything in between. Following are some setup ideas so you can maximize your performance however you choose to define it.


Boosted boards come stock with trucks that are the same angle front and back which we define as “symmetrical” setups. Symmetrical setups turn the same front and back and the term originates from skateboarding where skaters ride their boards forwards and backwards. For low speeds this is fine, but for higher speeds where stability becomes as important as maneuverability, we can take a symmetrical setup and reconfigure the bushings to allow the front to turn easier than the rear creating a “synthetic split” setup.

Setups are broken down into two broad categories – ‘Symmetrical’ and ‘Synthetic Split’ - with related speed from low to high. Bushings in the kit include 1 pair of RipTide Cones, 2 pair of RipTide Canons (a barrel shaped bushing) and one pair of Chubbys (a larger diameter stepped bushing). All are RipTide KranK compound in 87a.


Cone / Canon front and back

Canon / Canon front and back

Cone / Chubby front and back

Canon / Chubby front and back

Synthetic Split:

Cone / Cone front, Canon / Canon back

Cone / Cone front, Canon / Chubby back

Cone / Canon front, Canon / Canon back

Cone / Canon front, Canon / Chubby back

Canon / Canon front, Canon / Chubby back

Canon / Canon front, Chubby / Chubby back

A quick word about the washers we supplied with the kit and what effect they have. Small Cupped Washers are for the Cones, Large Cupped Washers are for the Canons, Small Flat Washers can be used with the Cones as well as the Canons & offer less resistance than the cups, and the Large Flat Washers are for the Chubbys. We supplied the Cups and Flats for the Cones and Canons to give your kit even greater tenability - use Cups if you want more resistance and Flats if you want less in any given setup.

Finally, some notes on RipTide’s KranK compound and how to install the bushings. KranK responds a lot to the amount of pressure the kingpin nut is exerting on it so start out with the kingpin nut just tight enough to take all the slop and rattle out of the bushing stack and then adjust to your liking ¼ turn or until you get the feel you are looking for. Do not exceed 2 full turns past the starting point. If you feel a need to go that far, go to the next choice down in combinations listed above.